Using re-sharpening rods, the inserts can be re-sharpened using a standard grinding wheel. When the broached or slotted surface starts getting rough due to prolonged insert use, it will require re-sharpening.

In order to do so, unscrew the insert from the broaching machine and screw it onto the re-sharpening rod. Next, place the insert near the grinding wheel, maintaining the original inclination and, then, remove the worn material. It is important to remember that only the cutting surface must be screwed on.
The re-sharpening rod has a comfortable grip and ensures that the insert protrudes from the rod, making sharpening easier to perform.
This accessory is available in 5 types: RF-1 to re-sharpen inserts of 3-4-5 mm, RF-2 for inserts of 6-8 mm, RF-3 for inserts of 10-12 mm, RF-4 for inserts of 14-16mm, RF-5 for inserts of 18-25 mm.