Our Goals

Distribution and technical support of tools, marking devices, deburring devices, fasteners, finishing products, smoothing products, technical articles and equipment, among others, for the mechanical, automotive and aerospace industries.

S.T.M. Mechanical Systems and Technologies, industrial brushes, tools, marking, deburring, smoothing. The products we offer are tools, products for use in industry, devices or accessories for marking with various techniques, devices for special processing or tasks.


By definition, tools are used to perform a specific machining task, e.g. a brush will be used to brush or trim chips with a thickness of less than 0.1 mm that are not too firmly attached to the detail. Flex-hone brushes can be used for honing. Trimmers and deburring machines allow you to remove slightly thicker chips that brushes cannot handle. Due to the different structure, they allow for a specific approach to the chip and its elimination from the detail. For more resistant chips, we offer tools in the form of abrasive cotton or rotary files.



Marking is a wide range of tools, accessories and devices for performing various mechanical, color or chemical features aimed at marking or permanently marking an object. Marking can be done with various types of fonts, numbering heads, lasers or colored pens. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.



The products are an offer of specific technical solutions that allow you to build a device, such as Inocon handles or linear mechanisms, thread inserts will increase the strength of the threaded connection.

STM Products are intended for demanding customers who expect productivity, reliability and proper adaptation to the implementation of technological assumptions from the products. Our products are widely used in various industries. We try to constantly update our offer in cooperation with the best global producers, innovative producers, and, as far as possible, we try to implement new products based on the needs of our customers. Our products are used in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, railway, defense, steel construction, furniture, plastics, electronics, hydraulic, precision, medical, wood and stone industries. You can say that these are products for 1001 applications, but each product should be used carefully in accordance with its intended use or based on consultations with our advisors. The diversity and multitude of products is caused by openness to things.


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