The MINITOOL series was developed based on the need to satisfy demands linked to machining small workpieces.

Integral inserts were used to satisfy these demands, as these types of inserts make it possible to achieve extremely small cutting profiles, with very diverse geometries.
In order to ensure high tool rigidity and achieve tools that are absolutely perfect for the operation that needs to be performed, the integral inserts are always designed ad hoc based on specific customer demands.
To ensure the prompt supply of tools, the REV production facility always has a stock of semi-finished MINITOOL inserts and has developed specific programmes for its CNC sharpening machines, aimed at profiling inserts based on customer demands, in extremely short amounts of time.
MINITOOL series inserts can fit UT-1/8-25 insert-carriers or, alternatively, UT-1/8-32. The aforementioned insert-carriers can, in turn, be internally fitted with eccentric bushings, the same way as classic line REV tools and, therefore, can correct any alignment errors on CNC lathes that are not equipped with a Y axis.
Alternatively, MINITOOL inserts can be locked into the machine tool-carrier with a simple clamping gripper (for ex. an ER gripper). In this case it is preferable for the machine tool to be equipped with a Y axis.