Standard broaches and with internal flow of coolant broaches for Torx® PLUS wrenches

TORX® PLUS profile is an enhancement of the older TORX® shape. TORX® PLUS drive system maximizes engagement between driver and fastener and optimizes torque transmission. This means the depth of the profile can be shorter than TORX® old version, even if at the same time TORX® PLUS assures a much longer life of the tools.

The elliptically based geometry of the TORX® PLUS profile broadens contact surface guaranting a better engagement between driver and fastner than old TORX® shape. This feature virtually eliminates radial stresses and increase tool life. Broaches suitable for broaching heads with internal flow of coolant BRC series are available with TORX PLUS profiles too.

The internal flow of coolant helps to machine harder materials and assures a higher broach productivity and a minor roughness on the work-piece.