Standard and refrigerated broaches for polygonal quarries



Polygonal quarry broaches are appropriately shaped tools; on one side they are attached to the spindle of the BR Broacher and on the other side they bear the profile of the quarry to be made. The broaches in this product family are made of two types of steel:

– HSS steel. This is a type of steel that is distinguished by its high resistance to wear and tear and its high capacity to absorb vibrations that are released during broaching

– SYNTERIZED steel. It is distinguished by excellent hardness and resistance to compression and in high temperature environment. Its use is particularly suitable in very heavy machining and in the presence of very strong metals (e.g., stainless steel, titanium). Broaches are manufactured in seven series of sizes, distinguished by the diameter of the coupling shank with the broach: G5, G8, G12, G12A, G16, G16L, G25.
In addition to the standard items presented in the General Catalog, BRIGHETTI MECCANICA s.r.l. is able to build special figures, based on the technical specifications required by the Customer.