Inserts for keyway seats


metric and inch measurements


Inserts are made in sintered steel with a TiN coating. The material and the coating give to the insert a great hardness and let it bear in the best way possible the great number of hits that are typical of this kind of machining. It’s important to point out that for some inserts (in particular inserts with P9 and H7 tolerances), a 0,2×45° chamfer can be realized. This chamfer prevents the flash from forming during the machining of the keyseat.

Inserts can be re-grinded twice or three times. This feature reduces production costs.  All insert sizes indicated in picture 1 are always available in stock.

In this way, during and at the same time as the execution of the keyway seat, all kinds of burrs formed during machining are eliminated.
The special shape of the inserts allows resharpening to be performed 2/3 times resulting in reduced costs. The insert sizes expressed in Fig. 3 are always available from stock.

Inserts are produced in metric and inch sizes

* In P6 and H7 tolerance versions, the insert can be requested with a chamfer of 0.2×45° at the point of intersection between the hole and broached slot walls, thus leaving the hole burr-free.s.